One Year

I just realize that my blog has been exists for a year!


I love my own blog and always try to keep posting new things.
actually I want to change the layout and banner, but I have no time to do that.
being 12th grader is super busy!

3 Qs & As about my blog:

The History?

at first, I was interested with activity so-called blogging... I see many of my friends have blog, and it looks fun. so I decided to make one!

Why does it should be named ''?

hmm I don't know... actually 'gopoetrygo' is the name of my account on Gmail.
and then the name is just come out from my head. I think it influenced by a TV program.
you know Dora The Explorer? if the answer is yes, so you must know the handsome one, Diego, Dora's guy friend. lol ;)
and I've heard a TV program called 'Go Diego Go'.... hmm sounds cool if I change the Diego and put my name on it. so yes, that's the truth!

What is the motivation for you to go blogging?

First, I'm glad to show the world what happened to my life and my environtment. I love sharing.
Then, I want to improve my writing skill in English (even I know it failed-my grammar is more than sucks!)
last, someday I want to be a journalist who work at the girl magazine publisher :)

Check out my first post here. it was so-so and pointless....

alhamdulillah finally I can reach the 1st rank in my class.
Thanks to Allah, I know that You are my savior!
and I decided to apply PMDK DIPLOMA
IPB. wish me luck guys :)