Happy! Happy! Happy!

Hi all :)

It's Monday already. and 'I hate Monday' is really not my thought for today.
because....yep! this is the first day of school with condition I'm accepted in UI. lol ;p

well, don't judge me that I'm such an arrogant, but hey I'm a normal person, and normal person want to be admired and praised :)

this is much more than I have expected before! they congratulated me and kept saying 'ciee anak UI nih'. haha. well that's sounds cool right? haha. oh no, I'm high!

and they were so excited to heard my story about what I feel at the time.
they congratulated me more than they said happy birthday for me. hehe ;p

aah I'm so happy this time. and I always be thankful to Allah who had given me this priceless gift!

FYI, at the day, my parents asked me to went to UI to saw it directly with my very eyes! and hmm I can't wait 'til June :)

for all my friends out there, I hope you guys can get through SIMAK UI and meet me there :)