God Knows The Best!

Look at my calendar and finally realized that...

today is 13 January 2010!

and you know what it means?

it's 3 days before 16 January, The PPKB UI announcement!

oh my... I'm scared about this!
the result will be announced in my UI account. oooh I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to open it!
Ya Allah, please give me strength!

I know that I'm the optimist one when I picked communication as my choice.
but now I'm gonna be the pessimist one when it's just counting the days...

I hope that my dream comes true, I hope I can pass the selection. Amiin
well yeah I'm ready for everything. even the worst. I have to be ready!

would it be like this?

or this one? (I wish it won't!)

whatever the result is I still believe that Allah always give us the best ;)

pray for me all!