Want to share story about my new year eve, even it was too late ;p

Actually I want to celebrate the new year with my friends, we had already planned the place and what are we gonna do. buuut they were dissapointed. some of them canceled the plan ;(
poor me! I wish I had a new year eve with my friend on high school for the last time (since it's our last year together)...

Then, my dad asked me to went to Puncak, West Java.
Oh it was a BIG NO at first. because, hey! Puncak is like everyone's destination to celebrate the new year! and I dare we're gonna trapped on traffic jam!
buut my mom and dad kept begging at me, so yeah I just can nodded my head.

went from Jakarta at 5 a.m, without my brother, because he still had some classes on his college.
he's gonna went from Bogor to chase us.

just like I have predicted before, on a highway to Puncak we found traffic jam!
and my dad tried to be chilled out by saying "It's okay, it's just for a while"....
I know he just amusing himself!

The journey starts!

The Ammunition

The View

we looked for hotel, but it was fully-booked.
soo we decided to not stayed at Puncak for a night, we're gonna back to Jakarta after clock showed 00:00. okay, whatever, dad!

we visited a well-known big mosque named 'Atta'awun' to did Sholat and lunch.
then, I went to Taman Matahari. it was my first time.
it's an amusement park, such as 'Dufan' but it's smaller and there's just a few rides.
the ticket is very cheap by the way, but the view is great.
there's so many little bridge with trees, so green :)
but sadly, when I was there, it was rained. sooo I hadn't played with all the rides yet.

The Ticket

Me, such a narcissist

night came, and Puncak started to be more crowded. so we stopped at a restaurant and decided to celebrate the NYE there. yeah, there was some events there. but damn, suddenly I got stomachache that made me wanted to spit out everything inside it.
my mom got a door prize by the way... and what is it? a gigantic clock! lol ;p

finally, it was 00:00 and "Happy New Year" came from everyone's mouth!
and not forget to watched the amazing fireworks!

The Fireworks!

3 hours later, we got back to Jakarta. we stuck for an hour. and it was strange when I know that every cars turn off the machine on the street!

yes. that's that!