Persuade Me

Do you know what it feels like, knowing you are good at something but you just don’t feel confidence about it?

You give up and try to convince yourself that you’re not the one to blame.

You are surrender from the beginning.

You don’t even want to try it first, the reason is because you are pessimist.

Do you know who it is? It’s a loser. The characteristics of loser.

I have heard a quote who said,

If you lose, it doesn’t make you a loser, at least you give it a try.

The real loser is the one who afraid to fall and have no gut to try it first.

You know what, it does happen to me. I’m the one who afraid to try. I had lose many opportunities. Yeah I’m a coward by default...

Please, don’t do the same thing like this, guys...

Please remember that ‘don’t be afraid to fall, be afraid to not try’

Hope next time I can show my bravery :’)