Just want to update about my orientation event in Communication Science, also known as ‘Commit’, our nametag has changed, the previous one was torn by the seniors. If you ask why, then I tell the story. It’s because one of the members of new kid in communication didn’t use the nametag in FISIP’s building area. Just one person, but the end of it, all should take the consequences which is the defacement of our I-pod nametag. It really hurts us when we saw that the seniors torn it right in our face! The 3D I-pod nametag is complicated and we made it for three days, with sweat and blood! Well, I don’t want to blame the seniors, okay, they have rights to did it.

I captured it a while after the defacement

but, thank God, my nametag is safe :)

Then, we had to made a new nametag again. made us exhausted. It’s still in 3D form. Look at this...

Yeah, it’s a bell. I have no idea why the color is shocking pink, but basically I like it. Even I still think the I-pod is unbeatable.

Well, this two nametags are necessary to me. I will keep it good, it can be a memory someday :)