Thanks, Ten

quick update about my college life,
there's something special at October 10, 2010. yes, it's a beautiful date, 10-10-10.
and that day there's an event at FISIP, called 'Makrab' = Malam Keakraban.
well I don't know what it is in English, but it's a night where the junior of FISIP made an event to respect the senior by presented them art performances, like traditional dance, band,etc

and that day we had to wore Batik, and sure I'm the proudest one to wear it :)
when I just arrived, one of my friend who become one of the committees, asked me and my 3 friends to be the receptionist of student's absence. whooaaa, I'd love to!

here it is the photos..

during the absence, we also asked to gave the badge of FISIP Nusantara 2010, it should be sewn on our yellow jacket. what do you think of our badge?

the sky turned darker and it's time for the performances from every major.
there are traditional dance, choir, band, and from communication, we performed cabaret!

the choir from social welfare major

the cabaret from communication.

in the end, communication team became the best performer on the night! horray!
good job, guys :)