RFC, Reaction For Communication

A story left about my life in communication science UI... I really love my new family. They are friendly, funny, spontaneous, and solid. Well, even there are few of peoples who I don’t like... but seriously they are my second family :)

This story is about RFC 2010. What is RFC anyway? It’s Rookie FISIP Championship. It’s a championship which contains futsal, athletic, chess, and other sports that held once in a year and belongs to the new students around FISIP UI. It’s a big event for the rookie.

The opening of RFC 2010 was full of fun. Every major had to join the parade. FYI, FISIP got 8 major, and the amount of new students in FISIP is at least 1000 peoples. So can you imagine what happened when we did the parade? Okay, stop. You don’t have to imagine it, let’s see this pic below!

All new kids in communication wore the green t-shirt harmoniously. It showed that we are solid and unbreakable! (yeah, it sounds too much actually). We walked around at FISIP area and sang The Communication 2010’s Anthem! It made by ourself.

C-O... Double M yo

U-N, communication!

2010, here we go!

That’s the ‘official’ anthem, but we got so many songs to be sang. We used Indonesia songs mostly. Overall, the parade was exciting!

The matches held for a week, and the result is... communication just got 1 gold, 5 silvers and I didn’t know about the bronze. The girl futsal who contributed the one and only gold. Well, let’s be thankful anyway...

The overall winner is from Administration major with 4 or 5 golds, I didn’t remember the exact amount. Well, it’s okay if communication failed to collected many golds, but.. communication won The Best Supporter Ever!!!