It's OKAY to Kara-Okay!

During the past national exams sometimes I think like this :

"Oh I want to make a revenge, after this effing war, I want to spend my time to relax and having fun with my family and friends! it's a must!!!!"

but see, now the national exam is over. and what am I doing until now?
nothing but still have to go to school to face the practice test for a week!
damn! I hate it. It's enough to see me bleeding, fighting for the national exams!

God, pleasee I want a holiday. a peaceful holiday. where I can relax my body and having fun with people I love...

for this week, I'm craving to do the karaoke!
but hmm there's always thing that makes the plan canceled.
like the last week, me and my family want to karaoke when we were hanging out in Bogor.
but the place and the price is not okay. I'd rather having 2 large size of Sour Sally haha.

now the flashback starts.
these photos remind me of when is the last lime I went to karaoke...

I take it from my album on facebook
it's written that this photo is uploaded on December 19, 2008.
I know that actually in here we're celebrating Myka's birthday which is on May 22, 2008.
it's the past two years!
this is the last karaoke time with beloved JDGJD, my friend-mily.
c'mon guys when will we go wild and crazy anymore?

and this is the karaoke time with my friend from OSIS SDS.
it's such a stress relieve after some meeting discussed about the OSIS program
taken on February 7, 2009
more than a year from now!

well, I know that I can karaoke-ing online from the internet or maybe on YouTube.
I've tried it, and at the beginning it feels cool.
but it's beome a habit and finally I realized that it's not a real karaoke without someone to accompany me, without laugh of my friend, without the atmosphere of togetherness!

yeah, so now you guys know how ambitious I am to go karaoke?
soo pleaseee anyone, take me thereeeee!