See Who's Posting!

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeey all!

oh my god, I miss blogging soo much!

and yeaaah I feel like 'woah' when I know that the effing national exam is over!

well, I ended up the national exam with emm what should I call it? the undescribable feeling, some uncertainty, some desperate thoughts, but hey I have to be optimist!

I must say that the national exam this year is the hardest than before.
why? because the questions are mostly not like the try out that have been given to me.
it's out of the league!

Bahasa Indonesia, Sociology and Geography.
this 3 subjects... that makes me a lil bit afraid for the result.

Bahasa Indonesia is confusing, every answer is similar and it's hard to choose the rightest one.
well, in Bahasa Indonesia it's usually called 'rancu'.

Sociology is confusing too! well, actually I never think about it too much, because during the try out it was the easier than others. buuuuuuut, the national exam is... ahh gosh! it was difficult and strange!

Geography is my BIGGEST enemy!
oh God could you please just erase that effing subject in this world?!
I had studied every lessons that have been given to me, and I can say that I'm ready for it.
buuuut, the questions is not the same like try out, it's more complex and complicated.
and the question is crazy, maybe the creator don't want the student able to answer it!
let me show the example of the question :

the characteristics of soil :
1) near the swamp area
2) the acidity level is high

according to that characteristic, the soil may be located on...
a) East Kalimantan, North of Java, South of Papua
b) North Kalimantan, South of Java, West of Papua
c) ----------------------------------------------

the options C, D, and E is almost similar like that.
sooo how could I know that thing huh? the creator is insane!

and the English... hmm actually the multiple choice was quite easy,
but the listening section is very bad!
I wonder maybe the speaker on that cassete is on the bajaj or a noisy truck!
the sound is in the poor quality... hah... just hope that my ears are right.

and the rest, Math and Economy... alhamdulillah I can do it well.

yeah my beloved readers, just hope for me that I can pass the national exam to graduate the high school!