Should I Called Them Cheesy?

Hey, Guys!
Finally I can write some posts again! yeay!

why oh why?
because the half of exams week has passed. actually, tomorrow I will have English exam.
but, what I can study from English anyway?
and I think by writing this post is studying English too, rite? LOL.

One thing that always make me upset about exam.
There's always student who cheating!
grrr... I hate them!

well, at first, maybe you think that 'hey, it's okay! you talk like you never did it!'
okay, I appreciate that.
and honestly, in my whole life, sometimes I do cheating.
but it was a little cheating, like ask my friend about their answer.
and I tried to decrease that very bad habit recently.

buut, it will be different in my case.
I'm hoping for PMDK. and PMDK needs me to be one of the top 5 at class.
I don't want them who did cheating take it.

I do this exam by myself. even if the result maybe not as good as theirs.
because, I think, cheating is fooling yourself. and you know what? one of my teacher told me that people who do cheating is talented to be a future corrupter! yucks.

I don't know I feel my class suddenly feels like a battlefield.
everyone starts to study hard and get the best score with many ways.
and the choice is about being the winner or the loser.

in the end, I pray for myself, pray for the best score.
and I pray for them, hope Allah open their heart so they will realized what they have done.


Btw, I have taken a private course. it's all about math.
and I think it helps me a lot. Thanks Allah, my math exam score is 84.

just keep wish me luck please :)

No cheating please!
maybe you can do it if you just on edge.