Yesterday, I went back to school.
Well, like I said before in the previous post, I hate to back to school.
I still want to feel the holidaaaaaaaaay!
I'm not ready for study!

but, Thank God...
it's just a while. the students just do the 'halal-bi-halal' thing with teachers and staffs.
and then, we have to come to class, but did nothing. after the 1st break time, we can go home.

it was 10 am. and I think that's too early to go home, so me and my dear friend, JDGJD, went to Anggita's house. We wrecked the house, as usual...

We watched "UP" from DVD. and after that we go nuts with youtube and did the karaoke.
it was crazy and fun!

in the end, we used Anggita's webcam and go nuts again!
yeaah we have to release our stressful heart and head as a student!

and this is some of our retarded pics...

Please, pardon our abstract face :)