I skip the stories.

Actually, on last Monday, me with JDGJD (please familiarize your ear to it...) went to Murni's house. Why? because she had her birthday on September 20, but that's Iedul Fitri Day, so it's impossible to celebrate it.

We accompanied Murni's bf to gave surprise to her. He brought a heart-shaped ice cream cake. so romantic, isn't it? but, unfortunately, it melted and the shape is gone.

We threw eggs, flour, syrup, coffee and other yucky stuff to Murni.
She became wet and stinky. sorry dear, but we enjoyed that so much :)
after that she took a shower and the smell has gone.
buuuut, that's not the end.
there's a part two.
we poured eggs and coffee again to her!

here's the photos...

The Incident

Am I look like an emo girl? LOL
Just ignore this pics anyway...