At Least At Last


I forget to share the story last Saturday.
since I have to studying studying and studying.
being a 12 grader is sucks you know...

well, my family and I went to ASEAN SME'SCO EXPO at Senayan
actually, the master plan is to attended the books and library exhibition, but we interested with the expo because it's ASEAN expo. sooo, maybe we can found something unique.

in the books and library exhibition I bought a book.
or I can say 'guide and direction book to success'.
It's a SPMB questioning collection book! (include interactive CD)
there's a discount there, then it become very affordable.

in ASEAN SME'SCO EXPO, there's so many sellers that sold many cultural things.
like Batik, traditional knit bag, ethnic fabric, and so on.
of course my favourite is the accessories corner!
but sadly, I didn't buy anything :(
it's just my mom who bought a luxurious bracelet. *sigh

here, there's many demonstration areas.
like making a pattern of Batik. I want to try on that, but it's very crowded and most of them are children. sooo... I decided to cancel it.

well, from this event, I can learn that Indonesia is a country that very rich of cultures.
and every culture has its own beautiful side.
So...just be proud of Indonesian cultures!