Sunday Market

Last Sunday, my family and I were going to Ancol.
what happened in Ancol?

Every Sunday, Ancol held a sunday market.
most of them are selling foods. so does my mom.
she sold es buah or u can say some kind of drinks that contains many fruits.

it's sooo fresh and yummy. haha.
feels like I want to promote it here?

It's like a lil' picnic for me :)

We just have to purchase the entrance ticket.
it's very cheap. only Rp. 6000,-
and the Rp. 5000,- is the cashback. we can exchange the tickets with foods!
interesting, rite?

here they are some of my pics.
look at the swing pics.
I shared with that child. hihii

and I walked down the beach with my bro.
saw many 'alay' here..
but it's okay.
'alay' need holiday too :)