As we know, nowadays, animal pattern is freakin' hot!

one of them, the zebra.

I love zebra pattern very much!

I think it's unique and edgy.
Even it's just black and white.

aaaand TADAA!

yesterday, my mommy bought me this hand phone case!

and look at the pattern...

It's zebra! aw aw aw... thank you my lovely mommy :)

and after received it, I am obsessed to collect everything with zebra pattern, because it looks lovable!

just like this cool stuffs:

ahh...my dream bedroom!
it would be nice to sleep with the real zebra on that bed :)

great idea to make over my laptop,
but absolutely, my father won't allowed me to buy it...

gorgeous dress! ahhh I love it! those ruffles sweeten it looks.

If I have this bag and put my handphone case on it, it's like a one set, rite?

lovely peep-toe heel! it would makes me taller too.

Great scarf! stunning :)

haha. it will makes me like a zoo keeper patrol!

Zebra cake? creative!
I want it as my seventeen birthday cake!

Or I want to have zebra as my pet?
hmm that's sounds great!

Soo...now let me go to buy a real zebra..
what should I named it?