I Want it!

I know that people are never satisfy of what they reach
they always want more and more.

just like me!

after bought some stuffs that I need (need not just desire)
I want to buy this great thing...

It's jumpsuit!

(I know that I don't have to spell it, it's just to clarify what I want)

actually, I found many jumpsuits at Blok M.
the price is cheap and worth it.

I really want to buy it, but when I look at my orange wallet...
ooohh it's not enough!

this moment makes me know that I have to save much money!

Look at this!


The best is what dakota fanning wore, the dark blue one, number two from left, beside Maggie Gyllenhaal.


I really want to possess that black jumpsuit, number two from left again.

afford me, anyone?

aaaaand I'm crazy about anything coloured yellow!



I looooooooooooorveeeee YELLOW!

oh oh oh...
I want it all!

hope that someday they'll gonna be mine!