hmm, actually I'm not in the mood for blogging, buuut I don't know.. I feel like I have a responsibility to keep writing on this lovely blog :)

today, I woke up in the morning at 10 a.m
felt so lazy to do anything.
hey it's Monday, and I wanna be a couch potato.

But, diligent me...
I decided to washed my foot-thingy up!

I washed my own white socks, white shoes, and black shoes for school :)
It's just like some practice to become a good housewife! haha.

Then, my family and I went to Tebet, to pick my brother up.
He just went home after studying in his university in Bogor.

and after that, we went to a Padang restaurant in Jatinegara.
I pick gulai cumi (my all time favourite!) and didn't forget about sambel hijau!
nyam nyam! the taste is vert very very delicious!!!
guess what? I ate two plates of rice! hahaha.
What kind of girl I was?!

and tonight, I sit in front of my laptop and facebooking again.
I like to play some facebook application, just like Restaurant City!

oohh I'm addicted to it!
Everyday I log on into it and manage my own imaginary restaurant.
It's interesting :)
I just reach level 7, well that's lame.

buut when I try to open my restaurant city, it doesn't work as usual!

it's error, so I tried to retry it, it still doesn't work.
I tried to refresh it, it still doesn't work!

I think I have to open it with Opera, because before it I used Flock.
buuut same thing happened!
aaaaaaaahhh I'm upset!

Now, it's time for me to sleep,
but i will sharing my last story first.

tomorrow, I'm going to have an art project rehearseal.
it's school task.
I join in the choir. We're going to sing "Summer Nights", the Grease soundtrack.
very old-school but isn't that sweet? :)

I sing the olivia's part. which meaaaan I have to control my voice pitch nicely.
buut, I'm not pretty sure I can reach the high voice.
If I try to do it, I'm afraid it will sounds like a klaxon or police sirene!

just pray it doesn't go that way!

oooookay, I have to turn off the laptop now.
sooo bye bye!