English Today

Today is Saturday, and it's my duty to hold a meeting with English club.
As usual, 8 am at school.

and as usual too, I was late!

Luckily, Vicky always arrived early and I thank God of it :)

We're gonna play a game (Do u notice that english club always play a game? haha)
It's similar like snake and ladder game.
the different is there are many boxes with questions.
and u have to answer it.

The game board is made by Vicky.
She's so diligent :)

It's the game board. This game named "Tell Us".
Well, it's very simple but great :)

aaaaand u know what?

There's only three english club members that come to school!
ooohhh poor me ;(

It's because most of them having a run test for P.E subject.
hmmmhh! They will regret it!

Actually, thing that makes me come to school is...
I want to meet Kak Caca.

She's the older leader of English Club.
She's on the twelve grade...
She's very smart (F.Y.I, She got PMDK for FISIP UI! Waaw, she really inspired me!)

She brought me a big neon green plastic bag.

What's in the inside?

Wow! There's a lot of paper, and it's questioning of all twelve students try out (as I request to her)
moreover, she gave me many books about preparing national exam, more than 3 books.
she also gave me english novels. She said I have to read it to improve my english. ohh great!

Why do I want that questioning?

because I want to prepare my future.
I mean, soon, I will be promoted to twelve grade and I have to pass that f*cking national exam and get a national university.
Well, maybe it's too early..

but, The sooner, The better, rite?

And just want to make a comparison,
Kak Sasha, the older leader of EC before Kak Caca, accepted in FISIP UI.
Kak Caca accepted in FISIP UI too.
and then Me, Putri Ariani, the present leader?
I should follow their path too!

could I? hmmmhh... I wish and pray for it everyday!

just pray for me :)
I will study harder!

Ohh yeaaa I was sharing with her about tricks to pass the national exam.
she told me to not feel nervous and too worried about it.

Thank u very muuuuch, sist
for gave me this knowledge!

It's like treasures for me! thank u kak!

And then, because this meeting seems doesn't work as I want,
I had long conversation with my lovely friends.
Vicky and Inka.

Last, this is some pics for today...

Inka. Me. Vicky

Me as Myself :)

P.S : Today I wear my new t-shirt, new skirt, new necklace, and new bangles. all new! haha.
my friends notice it and I just take it easy by saying "Yeaa, I want to show off! so what?"
hihi :)

That's all from now.

I have to read one of the novels that Kak Caca gave me.