Lecture not Couture

for me, there's nothing very special about this holiday. it makes me more unproductive, lazier and fatter. yeah, my routine is waking up at 9pm, breakfast, twitter-fb-blog-tumblr-gmail-looklet-ing, lunch, twitter-fb-blog-tumblr-gmail-looklet-ing again, taking a shower, dinner, watching TV, going to bed at 11am. see? how unhealthy is my life become...

I have no idea about how I feel to know the fact that holiday is almost end.
feb 7th, that's my 1st day on this second term. excited but also a bit worry...

this is my schedule for this term... you can click on it if you want to zoom it
looks not enough, eh? you right!
there's more class after 1am

on Thursday I have class until 7pm. and there's long break before it...
okay that's okay. the good news is I have my day off every Friday :)
so I can have my long weekend with my family!

have to admit that I really emmm maybe not really. I just wish that I can meet many good friends in this term's classes. maybe not just friend. maybe someone who can attracts me? oh yes, I am a bit desperate for this issue. okay forget it!