Makes Me High

got something to tell before I forget to write it here...
last Thursday and Friday, there's an event in my memorable senior high school, 71.
it's called Campus Expo.

well it's an event from the previous year's graduates to the junior on 12th grade.
what we're doing here is give them information about university, states or private university.
so, maybe it's like we presented them some presentations that explain anything about university.

personally, I think this event didn't have too much benefit for the junior. for me, this event is just an event to show off our alma mater jacket hehe.

shortly, this event held for 2 days. I met many of my long-time-no-see friends! woooa me miss you all :)

having a chit-chat, remembering our old story and laughing on it, saying hello to the teacher, eating our favorite dish at canteen. it wasn't enough to cure my yearning with high school! :')

2 days in a row, after the Campus Expo, me and my close friend continued our chat in Sushi-Ya and Pizza Hut, as seen above.

I think the coolest phase in my life is when I was in senior high school.
I miss the uniform (sweaty white shirt and gray long skirt-->the coolest uniform ever!)
I miss the f*cking rules
I miss the naughtiness
even I miss the teacher, the homework, the ceremony aargh EVERYTHING about high school is uber cool!

but what I miss the most is all my beloved friends :'')
hope that we can keep in touch and always remember each other....
see you guys in a brighter future :'')

"Nothing changes but the faces, the names and the trends. High school never ends!"