What is in GPA?

the end of semester one = holiday = my GPA has been published!

alhamdulillah, it's bigger than 3.5
well, I'm not gonna show off the exact number, because I want to make you all curious haha.
even my parents told me that it's a good job, but I think it's still not the best of me.
I'm not too satisfied because many of my friends' GPA is higher, even reach 4!
but still I'm thankful for this Allah's blessing :')
this result makes me more and more intense to find a scholarship. wish me a good luck, peeps!

and the other good news is in the next semester, I have my day off every Friday! whooa! it's a bit surprising and wow, it makes me more than happy! welcome long weekend :)

but it becomes scary when it comes close to mid test and final test.
why? because the consequences of my free-Friday is I have to take 3 subjects in a row in Monday and Thursday! euuww that's sound exhausting...

I just hope that the next semester I can be better and better in all subject. thanks God, there's no Economy anymore!

just wish me luck for the brighter future :)