The Visitors

hey! it's me again...
feel sorry to know that I just have time to update this blog once or two times in a week.

okay, this was the story about me and my friends on comm'10 did the company visit.
company visit is like an annual event held by the senior to the freshmen, in order to introduced us the working atmosphere. the lucky company that visited by us was... Komisi Penyiaran Indonesia (KPI) or in English called Indonesian Broadcasting Commission.

wanna know the story? let's find out!

the transportation that brought us there was.... our lovely bikun!

this pic is not mine. source : here

this yellow bus that usually just driven around UI's area, at the time, bikun hits the city! wuu!
I could see that every people inside their vehicle stared at this bus surprisingly.
me and my friend just laughed and waved our hands to them. lol!

the situation inside the yellow bus, full of people in yellow jacket.

during the loooong journey (traffic jam as always), we laughed a lot because my friends always telling jokes and acting silly.

the journey took one and half hour. finally... we arrived at KPI!

a giant screen to control all TV programs

our visit was not took much time, maybe just one and half hour. first, we welcomed in a seminar room and being described everything about KPI. we got snacks and KPI's magazine. FYI, the vice president of KPI is lecturer of communication science UI! so proud :)
then, after the 'lecture' finished, we explored the control room. it's just a simple room, there just 5 man working behind computer, many TVs displayed, and there's a giant screen like picture above.

maybe some of you guys still wonder about what KPI's job is and how important KPI is in broadcasting world... well, let me tell you little thing about it.
KPI is an indepent institution, KPI serves as the regulator of excecution of broadcasting in Indonesia. It controls TV and radio program.
If you think further, KPI's job is honorable because it prevents the audience to watch inappropriate scenes...

the conclusion is...
it's a nice educational trip with my comm'10 :)