The Art City

hey, I have something to share here :)
it's nice to know that I can blogging again!

hem yah, you know that on my previous post I promoted an event called Kota Seni FISIP UI.
then now I'm going to told you what the even looks like...

yup, this is my nametag, publication division :)

Kota Seni actually held from Nov 6th (just contained of workshops), but I just attending the opening day on Nov 11th. Kota Seni was officially opened by this cute kindergarten's marching band :3

look at them, they made the entire FISIP more glorious! I really love their costume :)

wuuu take a look at these backless-pink dressed lil' girl! they were dancing during the marching band's played 3 songs.

then skipped to the closing day on Nov 13th, which called 'Pesta Rakyat'. it's the climax of Kota Seni. there are fashion show, art and band performances, and last but not least, the bazaar's stands and booths.

the venue...
unfortunately for us, the weather is not friendly at the time.
it kept raining continuously...

there are lot of community here, like fixed gear and tattoo community.
pic above is one of the most cheerful stand, it's provided a dart game.
if you shooted right on the center, you'll get a prize!

it's a coffee's workshop stand, named Caswell.
The barista showed us how to make a good coffee and performed us the latte art!
look at the pic above, he painted the coffee with flower's illustration.
and in the end of show, he gave us the coffee for FREE!
whoaa how lucky we were!

after that, there's a fashion show from FISIP's girls...

wuuu really envy her legs....

the situation was getting hotter when the dancers from KTF came and hit the floor!

this is the part where usually the boys love the most...

then.. moved to the stage!
the 1st band is Sajama Cut! whoaaaaaaaa I love their songs and performance!

can't keep my eyes of off this man...
he's so attractive and powerful!
and she played both synthesizer and drumset!

Adithia Sofyan melted the crowds!
gosh.. his songs are very enjoyable, especially Adelaide Sky :3

this is Bangkutaman, also a-worth-to-hear-band..
their songs are easy listening :)

then this is my favorite part, be ready for.... GRIBS!

the vocalist looks was soooo quirky, or can I say weird?
but actually his face is adorable, but no for the legging and leopard socks...
do you notice that there's a shocking pink bra tied up on his mic stand? lol!

this guitarist was very attractive, look at the flame!

but, in the end of their show...
the vocalist spited out blood from his mouth!

no, it's not because he was bleeding..
it's just a fake blood and used for their stage act..
errr I was scared!

actually, there were 2 more bands, kunokini and The Trees and The Wild, but it was already 11 pm and my dad had pick me up, soooo sadly, I missed that 2 bands :(

there I met my friends from communication major and we took pics together :)

thanks Kota Seni for the blast!
well, even the schedule is not on time, but still...good job, guys :)