Burn The Dynomite!

Hi! I’m back from my hectic daily activities!!

Just wanna share with you guys that last Saturday, might be the best Saturday night I’ve ever had. Why? Because I was attending Dynomite!

Well, Dynomite stands for ‘Discofy Your Soul in Communication Nite’, it’s a celebration (or I can say party) presented by Communication Crew Class of 2008 and 2010. It’s an annual event and always attended by the seniors from the previous years. Got the point? If you don’t, then keep reading!

This year’s theme is all about disco! Very interesting, right? For the seniors, the dresscode is Glow and Glamour. Yeah, it’s about sequins, and silver or gold color. And for the juniors? It’s Neon Freak! We have to wear neon color and then mix it with another neon color. Yeah, the result would be mismatch but that’s how we should put our clothes on. It’s located at Gaudi Bar, inside Gran Melia Hotel, Kuningan.

I was so excited with this event since it gave me a chance to dress up in different way. Aaaand one more thing, maybe it sounds cheesy but THIS IS MY VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE GOT IN BAR AND DO WHAT PEOPLE CALLED CLUBBING! Lol ;p

So, what were we doing here? We watched many awesome performances from bands and commtalent. Commtalent is communication crew from 2010 who show their talent, there are commboys (funny dance from the boys), commdance (attractive dance from the girls), commelody (vocal group, boys and girls), and commband (creative band from 2010). Woo...it’s a night full of talent! There were Anka n Friends, Folkaholic, etc and the guest star was White Shoes and The Couples Company! But, still what the crowd want to watch the most was performances from commdance and commboys!

It’s surely not a party if there’s no photos taken. Ready for this colorful pictures?

before we got in to the bar, we got consumption from the seniors, well it's just nasi bungkus, if you wanna know... yeah, ironic...

inside Gaudi Bar : dark and full of smokes

and the groovy night goes on...

the boys hit the floor!

it's commband, very entertaining performance!

commodel, the beautiful girls unite...

commelody with their neon clothes and golden voice! their performance was beyond Glee!

and the photo session continued...

Actually the event was end at 12 pm, but I couldn’t stand for it. I was too tired and sleepy (look how lame I am), the crowded and full of smokers situation made it worse, so I decided to went home earlier. My dad wait for me patiently in the lobby, thanks dad!

The White Shoes and The Couples Company
I went home when they just performed their 1st song :(

it's too bad that I couldn't watch performances from commdance and commboys, because their show was too late at night :(
Well, the conclusion is... I’m satisfied with this event, we did the good job, guys! Thanks for 2008 who had made this wonderful event! You guys rock!