The Zoolander

Have a long holiday? but have no money to hang out?
don't be sad or galau, because there's an alternative place where you can have fun with your friends, taking great pictures and enrich your knowledge, without spend much money.
It's called Ragunan Zoo. I bet you guys know about this place, right? but not many who's willing to go to this place. Some said that Ragunan is a place where 'alay' go for recreation. wow, that's absolutely rude and not true! Ragunan is a beautiful zoo and it's worth to visit for holiday :)

me and my beloved girls, JDGJD, went to Ragunan 2 weeks ago (see? I'm the real procrastinator writer). we decided to go there because we're boring with our routine meet up which only took place at mall or anggi's house, and actually we're on a low budget haha, so yeah, just start the story!

we got there by TransJakarta bus, it's easiest and cheapest way to go there. You only have to pay Rp.4.500 or Rp.5.000 (sorry, I can't remember it clearly), to enter the zoo. Wow, it's very cheap! No wonder if during the weekend this place is always crowded. Fortunately, we went there at weekdays, so the zoo is all ours :D

let the pictures tell our story...

the very simple entrance gate

I forget the name of this bird, it's like Pelican, but it's not :/

well, the girafee is just a statue. actually there are the real one, but too bad it's on a cage so we won't be able to take a pic this close.

this statue catch my eye ;)

with the... poor poor elephant, I'm sorry, I know that it looks inappropriate to took a smile pose in front of this poor elephant :(

why I called the elephant poor? because at the time we visited the cage, it looks hungry. there were visitors who tried to throw nuts to the elephant, but the distance between the cage and their position was too far, so it can't reach the nuts :(

Look! as an elephant, I think the size is too skinny :(
additionally, at the time we took a pic here, the eye of this elephant looks wet, it's like the elephant was crying :'(
well, then I start wondering : how could the zoo keeper can feed the animal well, while the entrance price is very cheap? they have a loooot of animal collection, can they take care of it nicely? Hope that the animals are allright :/

okay, we moved on. by the way, I love the trees here :)

we kept on walking, met zebra, giraffe, deer, and so on. there's one thing that maybe I would like to give advice to Ragunan, please, put more directions about the animal's area, so the visitors can easily find the animals they want to see.

the area of Ragunan is very very large, we're exhausted but still excited to continue the journey.
there's one space here which especially belongs to primates, it called 'Pusat Primata Schmutzer'. It's still at Ragunan area, but we have to pay the ticket again if we want to visit it. I forget how much but it's still cheap :)

the gigantic gate! with Kiki :)

I can say that this place is very leafy and clean! and the directions are better than the Ragunan zoo itself.

Here is the gate to the cave of primates, at first I was afraid to get in because it's dark and the atmosphere is just spooky and cold, but okay, I have my friends here and I don't need to be worry :)

After passing the dark alley, we found the bright side! so, actually the cave was designed like a real cave, with so many decoration of leaves that makes us feel like we're on a real cave. Here we can see many primates through the big glasses. creative, I like the concept :)

the primates. maybe they are one of your relations? haha

"Gorilla loves to laugh and doesn't like get angry"... hmm me and my friends love to laugh too, so are we also a group of Gorillas? lol ;)

Some tips for you if you want to go to Ragunan :
1) You better bring your own meal. Actually there are many stalls that sell foods and drinks, but I doubt the hygienic, and for the drinks, the sellers can doubled the price, so prepare your own ammunition :)
2) Visit Ragunan at the weekdays! Why? because usually it gets crowded during the weekend, and all you can see is not the animals, but people :P

okay, at last, the journey was end. I'm so happy and excited of this so-called adventure. I have my quality time with my besties and also have experience with the animals. Such a unusual yet fun way to have fun. You should try it yourself ;)

Thanks Myka, Santi, Kiki, Dhya, Mira, Anggita, Dhira for the wonderful day!