Welcome Ramadhan

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Yeaaaaaay! Can't believe that it's August already!

I always love August, especially this August.
Why? because August is my birth's month, I was born on August 27 :)
and insyaallah, this year I'm going to be a 20-years-old-woman. yeah, woman, I think I'm mature enough, am I? ;)

And my happiness is multiplied because this year, Ramadhan is also on August!
Ramadhan is the month full of glory and blessing, we have to fasting for 30 days.
What's difficult from doing fasting is not how to beat the hunger or thirst, but to beat the emotion, anger even lust.

Hope that this Ramadhan would be the best Ramadhan ever to all of us! Amiiin :)
Happy fasting and don't forget to do Tarawih!

May Allah bless us all :)