Catch The Wave

Once upon a time, there's friend of mine who often sharing stories about her new favorite kind of music. She likes K-pop. well, you should've known that it stands for Korean Pop.

At first, I was like 'Umm okay, go ahead tell me the stories but don't you wish that I will love K-pop too'. So I just listened to her and respond a bit just to act like I'm interested ;)

She's not the only one, another friends were talking about the same theme, K-pop. How they really fall in love with one of the boyband's member, how they usually watching their music video, and so on. Some of them are very addictive to it. Well, at first I thought that they're sucks or norak, because at the time, I thought that korean boyband is just nothing but a crap. I thought they humiliate themself by wearing random clothes and dancing like a girl. Ups, sorry if that's too rude. I just try to be honest.

But then the Korean Wave slowly hypnotized me! Surprisingly, I become more often googling about one of Korean boyband and girlband, even watching their music video on YouTube. Whooah I was surprised with this new habit, actually. I don't know how I could catch this Korean Fever, and I don't even know why and when did I start to like this kind of music!

Knowing this, I tried to hide it from my friends. I thought if they know that I like Korean music, I will be mocked. Until I tweeted something on my twitter : 'is it a crime if I'm starting to like Korean music?', then there are many replies from my friends who said that it's really not a mistake to like one kind of music, people do have passion and they can follow it with no fear. Yeah, then I realized that, it's people's right to like or dislike a genre of music, we just can't judge or mock them because of the choice that they've made. I thought it's wise enough, right?

So, here I am. I confess that I like K-pop, the boyband, the girlband, the dance and the style. Believe me, they are so hard to resist! Once you listen or watch their music, suddenly you can fall in love with them (well, it happened to me). So, it's not a big deal if I like K-pop, right? you're not gonna unfollow my blog and still want to come back here anytime, right? >_<

For the boyband, I like Super Junior. Well, maybe it's kinda mainstream, but yeah I just like them. I like the way they dance, pose and dress. It's just fascinating to me. Sometimes, I wonder how could they become so expert with dancing? they are all boys and usually boys can't dance flexibly. For the song, I like 'Sorry Sorry', 'Bonamana' and the newest one 'Mr.Simple'. What I like from their music are the beat and the dance. The three songs above have awesome beat! Everytime I listen to it, my body automatically shakes and do a little dance (haha, please don't imagine it). Well, if there's one thing that bother me when I watch Korean boyband music video is the way they dress up. They usually wear random stuff like fishnet top, fur vest, oversized harem pants, patterned legging, shocking colors, etc. Luckily, I thought Super Junior has no problem with their style, I still thought that their style mostly are appropriate and elegant.

Well, pictures above are taken from 'Mr.Simple' MV

and the colorful one... I can't count it as the elegant style, but they rarely dress like that so just skip the pic ;)

Warning! once you watch it, you'll never stop wanting to replay it again and again ;)

oh yah, as I know the member of SuJu is 13 boys, but all I see is just 10 boys here. anyone can explain it to me? sorry, I'm a newbie >_<

For the girlband, I used to like Girl's Generation or SNSD. I love their catchy song titled 'Gee'. Now, I'm starting to like T-ara (maybe it pronounces 'Tiara'?). I really love their songs titled 'Apple is a' and 'Roly Poly'. It's magically addictive and the beat always make me want to dance! I really admire their cute and chic style and also their perfect body! Everytime I watch their MV I was like 'Aaah when will my body can be as skinny as them?' --> skip this desperate part.

This is T-ara. Look how cute they are :)
You should check out their 'Roly Poly' MV below! It's danceable!

Eventhough I love K-Pop but I still love the Top 40 Songs or anything on . I'm not too addictive with K-pop, I just search something different from what I usually listen to. So, I guess I just spread the Korean Fever to you guys! I hope for the K-pop haters, you can think twice before judge the K-pop lovers. Just respect each other :)

Yeah at last I think it's not a guilty pleasure anymore, how about you?