Bright Green

Long time no see my JDGJD! it's like my peer group when I was in high school...

this is us! wearing our high school's batik uniform!
look how innocent we were >_<

as the time goes by, we still keep our friendship and have a gathering every 4-6 months. Yes, it was a long range, because there's some of us who studied at Semarang and Bandung, so if we want to meet up with the full-team, we have to wait for the holiday -__-

2 weeks ago, finally we met up! aaaa I miss them sooo much more than anything! Too bad, Dhira can't join us because she took SP :(

Like usual, we went to Anggita's house. We have a joyful chit-chat, share about the cruelty of college, stupid thought and many more. Shortly, we laughed, laughed and laughed :D
oh yah, Anggita has just came back from US, and kindly she brought each of us a sweet necklace! I got the black cat pendant. Thanks nggi ;)

Okay, here's the documentation :

I always love Anggita's room, because she painted it with bright green colour. it's very fresh and cool for photo background ;)

there's always something to talk about

we played card. the game is called '24'. have you heard about it?

me, trying to look capable playing guitar. the result? epic failed -_-

then had a crazy photoshoot from Anggita's webcam, well it's just me and Myka actually ;p

this is the funniest part! I told them to type 'Astuti' on and I showed them this video! hahahah it's very funny, a man named Pasha Agung sang a song titled 'Astuti'. OMG, you should watch it because the video is freaking ridiculous and amusing! LOL!

and we also record a video of us. it contains our hopes for the future :')

I always miss our moment together !
Take care ;)