Y U So Sensitive?

Recently, I have problems with my skin. Let me tell you...

First, my face is having 'a transformation'. No, I didn’t do that plastic surgery or nose job, The transformation I mean here is...something that make my face looks uglier.

The last 2 months, I was attending a party, and stupid me, I forgot to brought my face powder. So, I used my friend’s powder without considering the effect.

Then the next morning after the party...there were so many pimples on my face! At first, I thought it’s just the ordinary pimples which simply disappear after at least a week, but it won’t after 2 weeks!

Then my mom brought me to doctor and I was given two kind of capsules, a facial cleaner, and a night cream. I have used it for 2 months, but it doesn’t woooooork!

Errr is it because the doctor is not good enough or is it the pimples are so difficult to be exterminated??

I should’ve known that my skin is very sensitive, and I can apply every cosmetics in my face. I’m so upset everytime I see my face in the mirror. For me, it’s a big deal. And everytime me and my friends take pictures with my camera, I have to photoshoped it first, just to hide my awful pimples. Fuuh sorry for spamming about this unimportant thing, but I just want to share.

Dear all the readers, don’t you ever use somebody’s face powder! Make sure that you use your own powder, or you will end up like me!!! -__-

- While my bussiness with the pimples is not over, then come the new problems. It’s about my skin, again. One day, I found many small bumps on my body. It’s very horrible, it spreads all over my thighs, arms and neck. It’s itching and makes me uncomfortable. Then I go to the doctor and she said that I have an allergy. Then I curious, what am I allergic to? But the doctor can’t answer my question and she said that I must do the examination on lab. After I took some pills, the small bumps were gone. Until now, I haven’t check it yet. But, I started to googling it and after read some results, I think I have Urticaria

From that incident, I learn to treat my skin nicer and be careful for anything that I feel not good for sensitive skin. Fuuuh, Ya Allah, please cure my troubles as soon as possible, AMIN :’)