Sleep/Hibernate/Turn Off?

Dear Poetryclopedia and the readers (if there’s any...) , I want to apologize for my looong hiatus for blogging. Well, the problem is not about my college thingy anymore, actually I’ve been on holiday since mid June.

Sooo the problem idleness. Yeah, have to admit that errr it’s so hard to confess this thing, but okay, let’s just say it... my passion for blogging is slowly decreased.

I don’t know why this could happen, everytime I type '', I just visit it and look if there’s any comment in chatbox. There’s no mood to post something there.

But, voila! Now, I’m back! This morning, when I got the morning call, suddenly my brain starts thinking about an idea to write again on blog. Sooo, yes! Here I am, starting to collect my mood for blogging :)

I hope it will be such a new spirit for me! soooo welcome back, Putri :)


  Yulita Alvernia

13 Juli 2011 14.59

Putriiii!!! Blognya udah berdebu tuh kelamaan ditinggal :p
I'm waiting for your new post! Visit back :)))