Award, not Awkward

after Getek, there's also FISIP Awards 2010. it's an annual award given to those who contributed and popular in FISIP area. this year I'm proud to be one of the committees, but next year I have to be one of the nominees! Amiin :)

I joined the program division (Is that true if I used it to refers Divisi Acara?). and trust me, it's the hardest job from every division. we have to plan the event, make sure everything's ready, control the rundown, and so on. pheeew... it made me a bit tired, but also happy because now I can improve my knowlede on how to collaborate with many people.

just check the documentation :)

the banner of FISIP Awards 2010

yap, this is called Lorong Prestasi or in English maybe it can called 'Alley of Achivement' (but it sounds weird, eh?)
it's an alley contains of college students in FISIP who have so many achievement. the aim for this instalation is not for showing off yourself, but it's made to apreciate their achievement :)

you will see this if you walk toward the alley.
it's communication science's section. I hope next time my name can be displayed on it :D

here comes our guest star in the end of the event.
Ten2Five :)

thank you guys for all the hardwork!

keep on fire :D