December's Wish

wow, it's December already... time flies so fast... I can't believe that 2010 is almost end!
because December is such a special month, so can I whisper my December's wish?

1) Happy and Harmonious Family

No, it's not because the condition of my family is bad, but... God, please keep us cool and spread the love around us. Hope that everything's gonna be alright :')

2) Good Grades

the result of my mid test had published and well, not good enough but still be grateful.
next 2 weeks I have to face the end test a.k.a UAS. I really hope that the scores will be better than the mid test, and I really really hope that the final result would be A for every subjects! amin!
I will study really hard until I'm bleeding!

3) Money Rain

well, I know it makes no sense and not realistic but this is what I really want...
okay I will wait til it happen -__-

4) Vacation

I can say that so far 2010 might be the most important year in my life... and the most hectic too.
it would be so nice if I take a rest for a while and go for vacation. actually my dream vacation is going to Lombok or Singapore, but that sounds impossible -___-
well, okay... wherever it is, I will be happy as long as I go with my family :)

5) Glorious New Year's Eve

the past years I've left, I always celebrate the new year with family. when I was a child, it's surely makes me happy. but as time goes by and I become what so called teenager, I think it's getting dull. I really want to get the new experience, like celebrate it with my friends and go out of town, and having the BBQ!




10 Desember 2010 10.53

and when your hopes come true , just call me :P
i'll join with you :PP