Finally, Final Test...

Alhamdulillah, my final test is finally over!!! Woo-hoo!

Well, not over yet actually. Since 25th is christmas, so the final test will be postponed.

The misery will continue on 30th December. Hmm very close with the new year huh?

The subject is economy and social development + communication science introduction. Wish me luck guys... I have 5 days off and hope that I can use it wisely.

I must confess that my effort to this final test was not as serious as I did on the mid test. When the mid test held, it was my first exam on college and I think it would be so difficult and therefore I studied harder. But when it came to the final test, somehow my spirit is slowly decreased. I don’t know what happen but yeah let’s just hope that the result is way better than the mid test’s :)


what's left from this week :

my bed was covered by these handouts

see how stressful I am?

by the way, sorry for that disturbing face -__-