Yellow Euphoria

On August 26, 2010 University of Indonesia held the graduation ceremony for the graduates at the one and only Balairung, University of Indonesia.

me, as the new student in UI take part in the new student's choir to accompany the event.
it was really a big choir with at least 4000 peoples sang together. wow, maybe UI should register it on Guinness Book of Record ;p

the day is very historical, not only for the graduates, but also for the new students.
after the graduation ceremony there's welcoming ceremony for the new students.
that was the moment when the new student can wear the yellow jacket legally for the first time and officially become members of UI!

me and my friends were so happy at the time, so we couldn't stop ourselves for taking pictures..

the ceremony was working well.
the choir sang 9 songs, and FYI I'm on Sopran. do you believe that??
my favorite part is when we sang 'Gaudeamus Igitur'. The melody is very beautiful.
wanna watch it?

I didn't remember every segments actually, but there're some parts that I put on my mind
it was the announcement of those who got cumlaude in every faculties.

This list is just for Faculty of Social and Political Science, and it's not the entire list
the highest GPA is 3,79!
euwww that's terrific!

pic above is the graduates who got cumlaude for every faculties.
aaah I envy them!
I have to be one of them in the next 4 years! Insyaallah :)

after the event, me and my friends were busy taking shots with the yellow jacket.
and when I was with my friend in communication science, suddenly Nadya appeared!
yes, she's my besties at junior high! she was successfully accepted in Faculty of Economy.

hope that we can be a success person in the future! amiin!

and last but not least....

my friend in communication science 2010!

ooh what a yellow day :)

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