300th Crap

hi all!
I'm soooooo sorry for the lack of update, you know, life has been busy this time.
this is my 300th post, and I have no idea what I'm going to write.
just wanna tell you guys that...

now, I'm the new college student.
and my experience being that profession is... tiring but fun (not really sure about this word)
I have classes every Monday until Friday
it starts from 8 am, and ends at 11 if there's no class again, but if there's a class it ends at 2.
well, I can say that college time is more enjoyable than high school's.
the schedule is not too dense and one thing even better is I can wear anything that I want right now! there's a satisfaction from mixing and matching my shirt, shoes, bag and accessories. I often try some clothes the night before going to campus! it calls preparation, right? ;)

don't forget the fact that now I'm living in boarding house.
at first, I was scared and still feeling strange about the room. my mom was trying hard to convince me that it's okay and the climax is she add yellow-flower-patterned-wallpaper on my wall's room. I think it made my room looks cheerful. thanks mom :)
but the saddest part about living far away from family is...
1st, sometimes I feel so lonely. well, I have friends, but family will never be replaced.
2nd, my appetite for food is decreased when I'm in boarding house. why? because there's just only 3 small resto near my b'house and I have tried all menus, and it's like everyday routine!
wanna know my daily menu?

Tumis Jamur (mushroom stir-fry)

Gulai Daun Singkong (not sure what it is in English)

Kering Kentang (fried and dried potatoes)

and Telor Ceplok (Fried Egg)

what do you think of it? how are they taste??
I really miss my mom's cuisine :(

but just look at the bright side, many of my friends said that my body looks slimmer.
ahaha agree with them? ;)

well, even it's painful but I have to accepted it nicely.
it's okay, maybe it's the way that God has made for me, and maybe it's my way to be more independent as the real 18-years-old girl :)

oh yah! my wish to having the pink C3 is granted! thanks mom and dad :)