well, every birthday girl has right to make their own wishlist, right?
then... this is mine :)


The USB Modem

As a new student college in town, modem is really an urgent thing!
For a month, I went through all my day with no internet connection in my boarding house.
it's boring and horrible -_-
actually, my bro said that my Dell Notebook provides a modem internal, so I just have to buy the sim card. hmm I don't really know about that, but one thing for sure... I need modem so bad!


Nokia C3

I really need it because my present phone is broken, it can not work properly.
I fall in love with this C3 at the first sight!
the hot pink color is really catch my eyes! soo please mom and dad :)


Equipment for College's Life(style)

shirts, shoes, bags, glasses, and watches!
I don't know it's what I want or what I need.
well, maybe it's just my passion for fashion that too much, but I really need it to survive in college!

Hope everything that I want can be mine :)