Getting Hectic

alhamdulillah, after all the madness at UI, I can pause the hectic situation and go back home.

I have sooo many things that I want to share, but..okay just read the important story then...

1st, my boarding house

maybe you have read my previous post titled
'Cost for Kos', let me tell you that I didn't move to that boarding house on the photos. the owner switch me to the other boarding house, which is hers too. I'm upset when I know this since my mom has paid the down payment to booked that room.
but that's okay, the condition of the room is almost similar. let's check my room out...

it's a spring bed, very comfortable.
it's quite special because many of my friends have is just bed with kapok.
do you realize that the bed cover is full of 101 dalmantion's character? ;p

the wardrobe looks like high school's locker, rite?
but it makes me easier to recognize what's inside it by memorizing the color.

welcome my greeny DELL :)
I love the color very much!

the saddest part about living in the boarding house is... the silent situation.
I have no TV here. I have laptop here, but no internet connection, so it's like useless. Yes, I just like the rural children! poor me!
but, thanks to my mom, she accompanied me for 2 days. at least, I'm not feeling very lonely...

2nd, the assignment

phew, finally the assignment is done. I hope I made no mistakes because I was bleeding for it.

the scrapbook.
it made from waste papers, contains 7 essays.
it has to be written by hand. exhausting...

the nametag.
we should glue the photo which must be adjusted with our idea.
and here, my idea is being a presenter ;p

3rd, the activities

The activities at UI is slowly killing me. You have to know that I should wake up at 6 and go to Balairung at 7 am, and go back to boarding house at 7 pm! that sounds terrible, rite?
yes, I'm exhausted and almost gave up.

what I've done for this one week is the choir reherseal at Balairung UI.
I got sopran voice accidentally. why accidentally?
because I sat down randomly and just realized that I was in the sopran's area.
my voice is not bad actually. I reached the high pitch, but now I lost my voice...

this is the pre-orientation of communication science department.
it held after the choir reherseal. we had some gatherings to in order to introduce each other and meet the senior.

UI was attended by Rossy Show from Global TV.
it's a talkshow that was presented by Rossiana Silalahi, the famous news anchor.
aaah I'm glad to know this. we're oblige to wear white shirt and long skirt.
they invited many famous people like Chandra Hamzah from KPK and Ade Rai.
did you know that Ade Rai is the alumnus of International Relation from UI? hmm..

and the most important part is the public lecture from Prof. Rhenald Kasali!
He's the lecturer from Economy Faculty in S2 program.
I was so lucky to hear his lecture.
he's an excellent motivator and inspirator.
he opened my eyes and my mind. many inspirational quotes were coming from his mouth.

sooo, the conclusion is now my life is super duper busy!
hope I can get through it well :)