hey all my lovely readers :)
this could be my last posts for this week.
I have moved to my kosan this Sunday. I'm so sad to know this :"(
I will miss my Jakarta, I will my mom and dad, I will miss my Kiddo (my lovely cat), I will miss my internet connection, I will miss EVERYTHING about home :''(

next Monday, my college life has started. it begins with a choir rehearsal (sounds like a crap, rite?). well, I think college's life is harder than senior high's. But in the other way, college's life seems to be more colorful since I don't have to wear the white-gray uniform again! I'm glad to know that I will be able to wear anything that I want to wear. welcome shirts, jeans and flats :)

but honestly, I will miss the senior high's uniform...

this photo was taken when the last time I went to school
I'm a bit sad to know that I'm not the senior high student anymore :'(
I always think that the uniform is ugly, but when I look at it now... I feel like 'hey! it's super cool! it's the uniform of teenager's spirit'

now the badge has transformed...

old badge

new badge
(at the time, the badge hasn't sewn yet)

Wish me luck for the new life!