Cost For Kos

Last Sunday I went to Depok with my family.
I'd like to searching 'kos-kosan' for the next 3 months.
The college activities at UI will start on August.
aaah can't wait!

well, actually it's not my first time looking for 'kos-kosan', but I think now it's the final.
I have chose a 'kos-kosan'. it's near FISIP, my future place to study :)
I just have to walk for 5-7 minutes to reach it.
It's located behind the railway station. it wil be quite noisy I think...
This 'kos-kosan' is still full. So hopefully on August there's one who go out.

sooo (I hope) this is my future 'kos-kosan'...

front side

the small kitchen

an example for room

what do you think of it?

the railway station and the train.
can you guess what were that yellow boy doing? ;p

me and my mom walk from my 'kos-kosan' to UI. it's not too far.
the atmosphere makes me enjoy, because you know, UI full of plants and trees. green anywhere!
after that, we continued walk and visited FISIP!

wait for me FISIP! 3 months left!

sorry for my spam photos haha ;)

notes for my friend who didn't pass the SIMAK UI test...
don't give up! there's sooo many ways to get UI!
study hard and pray hard.
God always make the best decision for you guys :)



13 Mei 2010 13.14

oh nanti km tinggal di kos? :)
hihihi, udah jadi tuh disana? :p


  Putri Ariani

14 Mei 2010 13.41

iyaaa kelihatannya...
sedih sih jauh dari orangtua.
iya kayaknya :)