Frigging Busy!

heeeeeeeey everybody!
I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog, I didn't mean to do that.
the college thingy forced me to do this.
yeah now I'm very very busy doing the college thingy.
Last week my day was full of activities, started with an orientation from university, then orientation from faculty and last but not least, orientation from department.
aaaaaaaaargh it really makes me exhausted!
my voice is gone, I don't know why, but some said that it's because I'm too tired...

I have to admit that the previous week was the worst week I've ever lived!
1st, the college activities were slowly killing me, I even had no time for myself!
2nd, I fell asleep and didn't wake up at Sahur's time, twice! I have set my alarm on, but it doesn't work for me -__-
3rd, I couldn't go home for a week! it's all because the busy schedule coming from UI.

so, this two days, I had my day off.
I didn't join the ESQ program that was held at PRJ, Kemayoran, which I supposed to.
I did that because I wanna stay at home, say hello to the internet, and take a rest.
and that's the most precious thing for me this week...

just because I said it was horrible, doesn't mean that I'm stress or what.
I still feel enjoy, because there's always friends to share...
I am thankful for having them.