What is Your Genre?

for now, let me show you my communication science's nametag.
the name tag was shaped like an Ipod, like this...

the name tag is very complicated. it's made from 3 layers of cardboard!
the screen of the Ipod is the place to put our name on it. this is Qoni's.
and yah! I forget to tell you that in Communication Science department, we, as the new student in college, were given 'a fake name'. we have to call each other with that 'fake name'.
the 'fake name' was made from our short name, even random.
for example, there's my friend named Rahardian Luthfan, his fake name is Dufan
My friend named Atikah turned to be Abotyl. lol. that's very random!
and for me.... my fake name is... P.A! it's my initial name, stands for Putri Ariani.
but in Indonesia, it's a slank word for a stupid and mentally retarded people. sigh....

pictures below were taken for communication science's photo name tag.
well okay, the photo of nametag should have related with music's genre.
my group's got the Hip-Hop Genre. not bad. there's my friend who got Dangdut by the way. lol!

we are very prepared and enjoy this photo shoot.

our shot were great, buuuut the next day when we're printed the photo,
the senior said that the photo must be taken at UI, with the orange bricks background!
and they're not allowed us to edit it. errrrrr -___-

but that's okay, the picture taken was memorable :)