Hi! It’s me again!

I want to tell you guys that this blog is officially transformed as a weekly blog.

Why weekly blog? Because I just have time to update it once in a week, soooo I hope it doesn’t bother you!

This week, I had some very very cool experiences in college life! Well, I started this week with joined the OBM (Orientasi Belajar Mahasiswa), an orientation for new student to face the college life. I had my name on G1B class. And I thank God for this. I really love this class. The people is so friendly and humorous! I feel enjoy when I’m around them and I didn’t shy to start the conversations and jokes with them, I still can’t believe that, because usually when I meet the new people, I’m going to feel nervous, not confidence and afraid to start the conversation. I’m thankful for it!

OBM held for a week. What given to us is the important material about the college life. There are 5 classes : Learning Skill class, Collaborative Learning class, Problem-based Learning class, Information Literacy class and Computer Mediated Learning class. This classes were located at the different buliding. Let’s hear the full story...

The 1st day was Learning Skill class. It was located at Economy Faculty, which is far from my boarding house. I went there by ojek UI because I never went there before, and afraid to get lost. It started at 8 am. When I entered the classroom, I sat on the second row which full of girls. Then, I encouraged myself to said hi to them. They were very friendly and kind. Enough with the girls, how about the boys? Boys always be my weakness. I’m a bit shy to get close with them. Learning Skill class was very funny and interesting. There’s so many games and task to make a group. Because of this, I can make friends with the boys. Here, I met people in many faculties and regions.

The 2nd day was Collaborative Learning, located at Law Faculty, near my boarding house, so I just had to went there by foot. I can say that the Collaborative Learning class is sucks. It’s a worst class. Sorry for the facilitator, but the way he talked to us was not okay and made us bored. In this class we learned about how to study with group effectively.

The 3rd day was Information Literacy class (located at Computer Science Faculty) and Computer Mediated Learning class (located at my beloved faculty, Social and Politic Science!). The distance was near. I’m a bit surprised when I just knew that there’s lift at Computer Science Faculty’s building. That’s cool. The class was a bit boring too, but better than the Collaborative Learning class. Here, we learned about how to got information for our study or assignment. It’s useful and there’s a game too! Ooh I prefer the game than the material....

The 4th day was Learning Skill class again. It’s funnier that the first one. Lot of games and laugh. Here, I asked them to take pictures together....

The 5th day was Problem-based Learning class, the fasilitator is still the same with Collaborative Learning class and still boring too. But in the break time, we played ‘Truth or Dare’ and have fun together. Really unforgetable!

The last day was Computer Mediated Learning and Information Literacy again. Many of the class’ member didn’t attend this session. Yeah, maybe they are lazy or something. But I stayed in the class with 10 other members left.

The summary of OBM activities is... it’s very useful for all the new students to face the college life. The class is very active and friendly. I LOVE THIS WEEK’S ACTIVITIES!

So, here we are, The G1B class...

It’s sad when I realized that this session is over. Please, do not be such an arrogant when we meet each other, and hope that we can gather again in the next opportunity!

It’s great to know you all, thanks for the memories :’)