Caution for Communication!

hey! sorry for the lack updates (again!)
I'm not willing to neglect this blog, really.
but you know, I'm a new college student in town, lil' busy doing the fvcking assignment...

just yesterday, me and my friends in communication science major gathered and doing the assignment together at Reza's apartment in Depok. well, actually I didn't come there to doing the assignment seriously, because I have done the 4 essays from 6, and I can't finish writing in noisiness. sooo I just laughing, sharing and gossiping with them ;)

I was thankful for the good and friendly friends. I really love my new friends here. I can enjoy every conversation with them. They are very funny and kind! alhamdulillah :)

after feeling exhausted, we moved to Margo City Mall. we had lunch at the foodcourt, continued our assignment and chatting.

the girls
can't stop laughing when they're around :D

the boys
they are looks so nerd, but I believe it's not their real attitude...

my favorite shot!
looks so calm with pink domination from our shirts.

then...let me show you my assignment!

this is the curriculum vitae, there's six or more papers behind these.
yeah, all the assignment must be written by hand! phew...

the essays will be collected in the form of scrapbook.
here it is the cover...

here it is the example of name tag which given by the seniors
I have done the half, just have to paste the photos.

I have to wear it from August 2. and for your info, I'm going to leave Jakarta on August 1. I'm going to stay at my kos-kosan (what is it in English? boarding house?). My feelings are mixed up.
I'm happy because finally I can study at UI and can live my life independently, but on the other side, I'm sad because I have to leave my mom and dad, my cats and kittens and my internet connection (I don't bring modem to my kos-kosan, so maybe I just exploit the wi-fi at my faculty's buliding). I hope I can survive living there :)

wish me luck for the assignment and orientation!


  Nadya Komanechi

27 Juli 2010 22.32

puut, doain ya besok gue ketemuan sama anak anak akun lancar :) deg degan nih bisa ngomong lancar apa enggak huhu