Equally Eclipse

heeeey! last Tuesday me and my besties, Retta and Nadya watched Eclipse at Gading XXI
I miss them both as always!

well, Eclipse is not satisfying me.
I'm a bit disappointed with the storyline. I think it's too much of drama.
I felt like I was watching telenovela -___-
but thank God, there was the breath-taking Jacob and Edward! they made this film worth to watch for all girls ;p
and after watched this film... I decided to join with Team Jacob ;)

Edward is very irresistable too, but he's too pretty and his concern about Bella is too much. kinda over-protective. and he's oldschool, just like Bella have said lol ;p

while Jacob is warm and funny. and don't forget to mention his body!
oh my God...can I touch his chest for just a second? he's so damn good!

the sexiest wolf alive!

aaaaand the film is more interesting because of the battle between the newborn vampire with cullen's family helped by the wolves.

and I got a new crush!
meet Xavier Samuel as Riley in Eclipse!
he's the newborn vampire...

the real Xavier...

GOD! He's freaking hot!

and not forget to insert our pics ;p

Lot of love for you girls


  Nadya Komanechi

16 Juli 2010 23.07

Xavieeeer XD freaking hot more than Jacob and Carlisle hahaha


17 Juli 2010 13.43

yayayayay waktu itu gw pernah liat ttg xavier itu! anjrit aslinya ganteng bgt bgt bgt daripada perannya haha


22 Juli 2010 17.50

eclipse is a crap
but it's better than new moon!

have you watched inception?