Travel and You'll be Happy!

I would like to share about my holiday 3 days ago.

my mom, dad, bro and me were travelling around Java and Bali by car. yes, by car.
maybe it sounds wasting time and exhausting, but I have reasons.

1st, it's cheaper than using airplane (have to be such an economist today ;p)

2nd, my mom and dad had some family business in Semarang and Jogja.

it was an amazing 10 days trip! tired yet happy! it's impossible for me to write the journey completely, because it will be so long... so I will sum up the story!

we left Jakarta at 5 AM. to be honest, I'm such a sleepy head.
I was fall asleep during the journey. the journey took about 8 hours, If I'm not mistaken.
check-in at the hotel and took a shower quickly.

-skip this part, there aren't any interesting moment-

the next day, we went to Sam Poo Kong temple.
maybe it makes you guys a bit wonder about why temple? and what's your business there?
well, a week ago I google about tourism in Semarang and the result leads me there.
the temple is very beautiful and artistic. the china accent is so strong here.
it's a nice place to take some pics!

I always like temple because of the architecture and the red color! the trip is continued to Simpang Lima, stopped by at the mall. the next day we left Semarang. the next stop is Surabaya. there's nothing special here, so just skip it...

we had to crossing the island by ship to reach Bali.
it took only 30-40 minutes to arrived there.
I can't stop staring at the sea during the journey!
God...the view is amazing, I love sea!

with my mom

finally we arrived at the hotel at night.'s time to take a rest.
my hotel is in the Legian area, it's very close with club that had been bombed on 2002.
there are so many tourist in this area, most of them was Australian.

the next morning me and my family went to Kuta Beach.
actually the distance to my hotel was not too far, but we used car.
it's refreshing to see beach in the morning.
the fresh air, the soft wind, and the bright sky... aaah I love beach!

with my dad and mom.
my bro was taking this pic.

not a good jump, rite?

after playing with the sand and water, we went back to the hotel for preparing the next trip.
me, mom and bro took a walk at the Legian area near our hotel. my dad had an office business...

The Ground Zero Monument, a place for recalling the victim of Bali's Bomb

at the time, I saw many Balinese preparing for some events suddenly.
oooh I got it! they're going to do the Ngaben tradition.
Ngaben is cremation ceremony, the ritual performed in Bali to send the deceased to the next life (got it from wikipedia).
I was lucky, because Ngaben was not performed everyday...

the procession was very interesting!

then I went to Pasar Sukowati. it's a traditional market which sold many Bali's souvenir.
got a bunch of things to brought home!

the 2nd day, we went to Kintamani. it's like Puncak in Java.
the street was intricate and steep.
here, we can see the Batur Mountain and Lake's view. beautiful!

next stop was Ulun Danu at Bedugul.
it was sort of tourist attraction. what's inside was a lake with shrines
the view was freaking gorgeous!

last but not least, we visited Tanah Lot. it's one of many famous object in Bali.
we arrived there at 5 pm, and it was fucking crowded! errr I can't even took the phanorama with no people on it! maybe most of them want to watched the sunset...

before going back to the hotel, we stopped by at Kuta Beach again for chasing the sunset. but unfortunately the sun was covered by clouds! :(
but that's okay, the fire dance can heal our disappointment...

spent the night at Kuta-Legian street. honestly, I didn't like being here.
there are so many tourists and clubs. they were drunk and half-naked!
errr I didn't feel it's my country. I felt like a stranger in my own country -__-

the 3rd day!
we went to Uluwatu. it's full of cliff. but the view was brilliant! I felt like I was in the edge of the world! whoaa!

oh ya! I had to wore a long purple fabric and yellow belt to covered my thigh, I was wearing shorts at the time.

next stop was.... Dreamland Beach!
yeah! finally I could visit it ;)
and yes, the beach is freaking beautiful! the waves are insane!
it's much better than Kuta Beach. and cleaner too.

what a wonderful holiday!
for you who looking for a place to spend your holiday, please visit Bali!
you won't regret it!
Thanks for the memories, Bali :')

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”St. Augustine


  Anggita Krisnandini

14 Juli 2010 17.41

asik put hahaha kapan ya kita bareng2 kebali

  Nadya Komanechi

14 Juli 2010 19.36

gue nggak pernah ke bali -__- hahahaa


15 Juli 2010 21.59

wow, what a fantastic holiday you have there
I'm having one next January

so are you ready for campus, putri?
it's a heartbeat away