Bringing Diplomacy Forward

hey guys! sorry for the lack of updates...
I'm very busy finishing my assignment for OKK UI.
I have to make 6 essays, and until now I just done 4.
the deadline is on 2nd August! oh nooo!
hopefully I can finish it on time...

well, now I'm gonna share my experience in joining the IndonesiaMUN workshop. it's held in 2 days. starts from 9 am til 4 pm
what is IndonesiaMUN anyway?
Indonesia Model United Nations (IMUN) is the first varsity level Model United Nations that conjoins the spirit of conference and competition using the diplomacy as tool. In this event, the participants will enact as the future delegates, deliberating with their counterparts to find out solutions in each committees. got it from
got the point? if not, then you have to continue read this post 'til the end.

I was attending there with Nadya. Thanks for accompanying me ;)
went there by train. a comfortable train. I'm starting to like this transportation...
when I arrived at Pusat Studi Jepang, the venue is still empty, maybe I came too early.
15 minutes later, it became crowded....
The workshop started, and they used English as the language.
that's good, but they kind of expert so I can't understood the explanation clearly :(

I really like the MC as well, they spoke English fluently and looks very capable with that

the venue of the workshop

at first, I think the workshop is gonna be a bit boring.
but thanks to the free snacks and magazine ;p
the workshop was discussed about the United Nations, diplomacy, student exchange, and so on.

they are the speakers from UI.
they share about their experience representing Indonesia in overseas.
I envy them!

this is me and Nadya took pictures at the giant poster right after the workshop

the next day, we're attended the workshop again. I was in the bad mood.
but say thanks again to the snacks and magazine ;p
the session this day was more complicated. I'm boring to be honest...
after the lunch break, there's a United Nations meeting simulation.
at first it's impressive, because I felt like I just see the real delegates in UN live with my eyes, but the time goes by and...suddenly I was not interested anymore!

during the simulation, this boy was really caught my eyes... LOL

he's one of the participant that asked to be Malaysia's delegates in the simulation.
his English is very good. expert. hmmm
wish he never stranded at my blog and read this!

finally the workshop is done and we can brought the certificate home!
one thing I really learned from this workshop is...
English is very very important! after all this time, I think my English is enough. not really good and not really bad. just average. buuut, when I compared my English with the participants, I feel so small. my english is fucking poor :( I think I should take a course.

before we went home, I was taking pictures with the yellow bicycle ;)