Mom and Dad and Me


I'm so busy these 3 days. well, not busy actually.
three days in a row I was hanging out with my friends, until I'm broke now!

three days ago, my mom and I went for karaoke.
is it strange to went karaoke with mom? haha I don't care.
my mom is my best friend!

can you guess what me and my mom sang at that time?

all is Indonesian' songs like Wali, ST 12, D'masiv, and my mom's favo is on the pic above ;)

at first my mom said that she was surprised with the karaoke's technology. well, it's her first time. she said that the sound system is too loud and she can concentrated on the song.

my mom's voice is good, but I'm better ;)

singing for one hour made us hungry and thirsty. so, we decided to eat dinner at one restaurant near the karaoke's place. then my dad arrived to picked us up.

hmm what a family day :)