Can I Delete You From My Life?

What is a friend?
a single soul dwelling in two bodies.

but that's just Aristotle's quotes. not in my real life...

well, I have a problem with my no longer friend...

they started to ignore and abandon me. it hurts me.

after all this time, I'm trying to make friends with them, trying to be a good listener, trying to be a clown by making fool of myself, but then what is their response?

I don't like to feel angry or upset with people, so I just keep it by myself.

I'd rather do nothing. Just let God make revenges to them...
okay, maybe we can still be friends, but it will not be the same like yesterday.
I have known the true you. and I'm disappointed with you all. really disappointed...

I'm trying to not to give a damn about this thing.

Friends will come and go, just focus on you and your future.



3 Juni 2010 08.17

seems like, I know for whom this post belongs to :p
cheer up, girl!

  Putri Ariani

4 Juni 2010 14.03

yeah you know it very well...
I'm okay now :)