June Edition

two days ago, I met my junior high besties!
they are Retta and Nadya.

actually, our plan is to watch movie at Gading.
but suddenly Retta said that she won't drove her car and asked us to went there by angkot.
oh no!

sooo, we change it and we met at mall near my house.
it's not about the place, what's matter is our rendezvous :)

We had lunch at Solaria.

with Retta, the ITB student-to-be! amiin!

with Nadya, my mate at UI :)

we talked about our past on junior high school, how tawdry and crazy we were...
and talked about our future too. me and Nadya had accepted at UI.
and Retta, she is on her way to reach ITB. and I'm sure she deserve it ;)

bored with Solaria, we moved to J.co because it's more comfy.

sadly, we had to go home...
it feels like the clock tick faster when I'm with them!

bye, girls!
we have to plan another rendezvous soon ;)